Final Draft Done!

June was not a productive month, but I managed to finish the novella Fours Seasons - Fall. It clocked in at just under 30K words, which is about where I thought it would end up.

Beta readers can download it at (The link will be active until the final version is published.)

Next step is to let the book sit for a few weeks, then I’ll do a final edit and formally publish it. Thus far, I have avoided putting my books exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Unlimited (KU) program because I have philosophical issues with monopolies. That said, I will probably publish Four Seasons - Fall on Amazon KU and leave it there for a few months to test the waters.

If you are a KU subscriber, you can help offset some of my costs by reading the final version of the book through that platform. If you aren’t a KU reader and would like to help, you’ll be able to purchase the book outright. I haven’t decided on a price yet, but will likely settle on $2.99.

Next up is to get back to the second book in Fumie Nakamura - The Girl from the Past

Not lying, I’m a little nervous about it. Writing in the 1st person present tense is tough on my brain.

Until next time…


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