Four Seasons - Chapter 2

Four Seasons - Fall, Chapter 2 is up (and added to the book)

Link is:

As I said in my last update, this book is an attempt to change how I write.

The ‘write your entire rough draft and edit it’ process doesn’t work for me. I simply can’t do it. I have to write a bit and then mold it into something that is 99.9% finished before I can go on.

To make this experiment work, I’m forcing myself to write every day. A good day is 500-600 words. A typical day is half that. Once the raw words are done for the day, I work on finessing a chapter or two ahead of the last chapter published. Then on the weekend, I finish editing the chapter I’m going to publish on Sunday.

Doing it this way will hopefully force me to produce regular quantities of output instead of endlessly obsessing about a single sentence or a paragraph or a chapter. The theory is: I’ll end up producing more—and better—stories.

We shall see.

Happy reading.