Onward and Upward

First…big thanks to everyone who sent me comments on Four Seasons - Fall (especially Shaun and Lynn who went above and beyond the call of duty :)

There are still grammar and spelling issues to resolve in the final edit, but the bigger problem is the ending—which came too abruptly. Thankfully, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, but I’m going to sit on the story for a few weeks while I figure out how to fill the holes.

In the meantime I’m back working on Fumie Nakamura - The Girl from the Past. It’s been a little over a year since I wrote the first book, and I’m finding it hard to get back in the mindset of a 15-year old girl living in the future. To help ‘Fumie-itize’ myself, I am re-editing the first book and will publish the chapters in another thread, which will then become the jump-off spot for book 2 and 3 and more if I’m still feel the love for Fumie and her adventures.

Feel free to follow along if you’d like. I’ll send the link out in another post.

Until next time…