Two for the price of One

I’m late with the newsletter.

I had one of those weeks where everything I wrote looked like it was spat out of a random word-generating machine. That’s two weeks in a row but things will get better because April showers bring May flowers (except it snowed here yesterday, so maybe not.)

Here’s the link for my work-in-progress Four Seasons - Fall with the latest chapter added. (It’s a short chapter, so you may want to skip it until next week’s addition)

And as promised last week, here’s a link for book one in the The Girl From the Past (TGFTP) series ( I wrote TGFTP in 2019 expecting to continue the series in 2020 but as we all know 2020 was not the year we expected it to be.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to continue TGFTP in parallel with Four Seasons. Both are written in the first person POV. TGFTP is 1st person present, and Four Seasons is 1st person past.

TGFTP was the first book I attempted writing in the 1st person present POV—And it was a bugger, which is partly why I didn’t keep going hard on the second book. I also think the prequel (which was actually a stand-alone short story that became the seed for the TGFTP) doesn’t work in the book.

Anyway, if you enjoy young adult 1st-person science fiction, grab a copy of TGFTP book one and read away. And let me know your thoughts.

Cheers until next week.